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I love what I do because I am here for every part of a wedding day. I'm a huge sentimental person. I cry during slow dances, I get giddy during the cake (and cheer for it to be smushed) I love seeing the everyone's faces throughout the day. This made me feel like doing wedding photography was meant for me.


let's hit some important bullet points...

First off,

I’m not only your wedding day photographer, I’m your part time BFF/bodyguard/coordinator/etc. I’m going to make sure your day goes perfect and if that means I act as your timeline coordinator, I make sure you eat, I bustle your dress, here I am.

This is just as special to me as it is to you.

My philosophy is pretty simple.  

Enneagram type seven: the hype man I'm going to make you laugh too. Now I'm not saying I'm a comedian. Don't expect a standup routine. But I am here to make you comfortable.

I will be hyping you up all day long.

There will be lots of "yassss you two look AMAZING" and screaming and hyping you up. And if pictures are hard for you, lots of reassuring that you literally look amazing (because you do)

More about me

my happiness is...

my family, with new baby phoenix.

hanging out at home watching the office while drinking a dr. pepper and watching my dogs play.

long car rides listening to my favorite murder (a podcast).

eating your wedding cake on your special day. 

I'll meet you on the dance floor!

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